RED Project update weeks 11-12

2022 RED Project Update – weeks 11-12

A few more days and we will pass the first quarter of this year. We are convinced you are waiting for us to share some important news with you. We are entering in no more explanatory words phase, but something practical and real-life use case.

Where are we now?

The Integration of External Sustainable Projects with RED Platform: this feature is completed. We will remind in the next reports only a few tweaks and maybe a summary of the most interesting partnerships. The next step is growing the customer base to generate more GTK & REO-G for strong liquidity in sustainable tokens. This is doable by networking, strategic partnerships and targeted marketing in specific areas of interest. The marketing team is already working on this and we should have some notable results.

RED Standard should be out of the box very soon and will be ready to use after a short period of testing. We have great expectations from this tool, especially because it expresses the democracy term for any small sustainable project that can’t afford the costs needed to be audited and certified by existing organizations acting in this industry.

The Whitepaper V2 is showing small progress in the past two weeks, but the next update should change this. No, we are not reinventing the wheel, but we should be careful with all the details and mechanisms we will describe in order to be sure everything will run as we will imagine.

The Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculator for companies is ready and guys, we are in business! Together with the RED Standard and Franchisee working flow, we are forming a good and viable system to generate income for RED and for our partners, franchisees, sustainable projects and even customer companies that need to prove their actions to become carbon neutral.

We brought one of the most complex calculators on the market, multiple variables and live updates for any data modified. The RED corporate calculator is a top one for sure and combined with the time needed for filling it and the costs, we could declare that it is a strong competitor from now on for the rest of CO2 calculators.

RED Carbon footprint calculator business

Also, as we stated in the last update, the Franchising Terms of Business are completed. We are continuing to develop market tools for our actual and future franchisees and we will be on their side to help them develop their market, network and business relations for mutual advantage. The quicker we manage to attract more clients, the quicker incomes will be generated for RED, Franchisees and this should be reflected in MWAT evolution also.

And getting to this point is revealing two aspects of our status: Franchisees and Exchange Listings.

We have already a working Franchise in Spain and another one from Romania had just been approved as a validator also. These two businesses will help us to test our services and give the feedback needed for tuning our flow and responses. Both of them are developing some sustainable projects and are waiting for RED Standard to accelerate the onboarding process on the RED Platform.

This is linked with Exchange Listings: after we will be ready with our tests and we are convinced that everything works fine, our attention could go to expanding our presence on Crypto Exchanges. This subject should be more detailed in the next two updates. We need to complete the Whitepaper V2 first.

The marketing team is working on marketing development plans. We stick with the subjects already started:

  • Discord group – structure, themes, topics, community management and drivers, etc.
  • Market segmentation of geographic areas and business requirements
  • Dedicated marketing strategies are developed for Sustainable Projects
  • Partnerships to increase our awareness – online influencers, publications, websites, companies, etc.

The rest of the subjects remain unchanged from the last status excepting RED Platform tweaks, where several issues are solved and more are coming. As an example – for individuals – the Carbon Footprint Calculator will get you to directly offset your CO2 after determining your carbon Footprint.

More tweaks are coming to be added to solve some of our RED Platform interface.

April should be a great month for us because some minor tasks as time-consuming will bring major changes in the way the RED Project is perceived. 

The status for Q1 after the first 3 months of 2022

Project update w11-12

The next update will be on Monday, 11th of April.

For any questions, please fill out the form with suggestions here.

We will also answer twice a month or weekly if there are many things to discuss.

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