Renewable Energy Producers

If you are a renewable energy producer, join us in shaping a future powered by sustainable energy sources.
We made it easy for energy producers and prosumers like you to access green attributes on the RED Platform.
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REO-G: Renewable Energy Tracking Tokens

REO-G are renewable energy tracking tokens. You can request them for FREE on the RED Platform and use them to track the origin of the energy you produce from renewable sources.


You can request 1 REO-G for each 1 MWh produced. It’s only valid for 12 months, and it can only be used once by a company to reduce its carbon footprint.

Each REO-G has a unique identification and covers the details provided in the European RES Directive (2009/28/EC).

Keep it or Sell It

Once you get your REO-G, you can keep it or sell it on the RED Exchange for MWAT or on Ethereum to companies or individuals interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

REO-G Value

The value of an REO-G is determined by supply and demand on the RED Exchange.

When to Buy an REO-G

If you are a company or an individual who wants to obtain a Green Sustainability Certificate from RED, you will have to own an REO-G, as we'll request an REO-G number from you.

Register now on RED or download the app here, and with the click of a button, you’ll get your first REO-G.

RED Tokens:
Tokenized Carbon Credits

The RED token is a green attribute equivalent of a carbon credit issued under the RED Carbon Standard for sustainable projects. The RED Carbon Standard helps project developers quickly obtain tokenized carbon credits based on their reduction of carbon emissions. Users can then purchase RED tokens to offset their carbon footprint.

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