List Your Sustainable Project

Not all heroes wear capes.
Some leave footprints. Carbon positive footprints.

Are you a project developer, a broker, an NGO or an organization owner committed to environmental sustainability?

We appreciate your efforts! And that is exactly why we created the RED Platform for you to list your sustainable projects, issue carbon credits and find demand for their purchase online and through our network of franchisees.

Helping You Help the Planet

Our Mission

Bringing transparency and immutability into the carbon market through blockchain technology and tokenized carbon credits is our goal. The whole process takes place on the platform, and it will automatically be registered on the blockchain.
Shining the spotlight on you: The Climate Changer
Shining the spotlight on you:
The Climate Changer

What You Get


The carbon credits issued on our platform are publicly accessible, and verifiable by anyone, anywhere.


You can easily track the carbon credits online, from creation to offset, all in one place.


Actions registered on the blockchain do not allow any type of modification.


When it comes to the carbon credits issued on our platform and their usage, you get a clear flow from beginning to end.
How You Fit In - Types of Projects
How You Fit In - Types of Projects

With our ever-evolving proprietary blockchain platform, the possibilities for listing and creating sustainable projects are virtually endless.

Wonder how you fit in?
Explore the standard categories for listing projects on the RED Platform

Projects with international carbon standards

For this type of project, the listing process requires a simple addition through an online automated form, allowing you to specify the number of carbon tokens you want to list on the RED Platform.

Projects without carbon certification

Projects not yet certified by an international carbon standard can apply for the RED Carbon Standard certification for obtaining carbon credits. You can check if your project is compliant with the standard requirements and begin the process immediately.
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Listing Your Project - A 3-Step Process

Count on us to support
your sustainability efforts!
We’ll walk you through the listing process that includes these simple steps

Step 1


Explore Alternatives

When applying, you have 2 options:

Certified Projects: You’ll be able to add your sustainable project with certification on the RED Platform to reach more buyers and benefit from the blockchain advantages.
Projects without Certification: Certify your project with the RED Standard and you’ll receive tokenized carbon credits that you can sell on the RED Platform.

Application Analysis

After applying, for your application to be approved, you need to pass a KYC process on the platform. All projects are validated by our Sustainability Expert Validator.

Approved, What Next?

Once your application is approved, your project will be listed on the RED Platform and it will show up on our dedicated project page.

Listing a sustainable project on our platform comes with an exclusive benefit - receiving recognition under the RED Standard.
Carbon standards guarantee that the carbon offsetting projects verified have a positive impact on the environment.
Step 2

Get Tokenized Carbon Credits

Tokenizing Carbon Credits

You’ll receive tokenized carbon credits directly in your wallet on the platform.
On the RED Platform, the carbon credits are issued as RED tokens stored in the personal wallet of the project developer/owner.
Step 3

Market Your Sustainability Efforts

Carbon Credits Marketplace

You can now list your tokens on the Carbon Credits Marketplace, where anyone who joins the platform can purchase them directly or through RED franchises.

We market all projects to all users interested in carbon offset, and franchises, in turn, will make the projects available to corporate clients who want to offset their carbon footprint.

A Streamlined Purchasing Process

Once your carbon credits are sold to users, you will be notified by email to prepare an invoice based on which RED Platform will make the payment to your company.

Easy, fast, automated and transparent!

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