Get Your Green Business Certification

It’s time to start enjoying the perks of blockchain technology and make your business carbon neutral through a holistic approach.
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This is where your journey towards carbon neutrality BEGINS.

How It Works

First you purchase tokenized carbon credits by supporting sustainable projects and renewable energy tracking tokens from green energy prosumers.
Then you utilize those tokens to issue a green sustainability certificate.
Well done! You're now a green business.

Tokenized carbon credits - All you need to know

Otherwise known as digital carbon credits - they’re your rewards for running an environmentally friendly business.

Helping you achieve carbon neutrality

Providing transparency and traceability

Tokenized carbon credits, Energy tracking tokens and Green attributes available on the RED Platform

Tokenized Carbon Credits

RED tokens or Tokenized Carbon Credits are issued under the RED Carbon Standard to project developers for certified sustainable projects. Users can then purchase RED tokens to offset their carbon footprint.


REO-Gs are renewable energy tracking tokens for the green energy you inject into the grid. You can request 1 REO-G for each 1 MWh injected into the grid.


You can call them RED Tokens or Carbon Credits issued through the RED Carbon Standard and you can look at it as your reward for supporting sustainable projects.
You can purchase carbon credits with your credit card. They will be stored in your digital wallet on the RED Platform to be used for offsetting purposes.
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Making Your Business

Reap the Benefits of a Streamlined Process


Your carbon footprint


The emissions you can control


The remaining emissions
Plus, you get to explore our selection of sustainable projects certified with a RED Standard or with international standards.

Get a Green Sustainability Certificate

Enjoy the many benefits of blockchain technology, including safety, transparency, and online access to your certificate for clients, partners, and investors.


The digital Green Certificate is a powerful ESG tool. It’s public proof for your business partners, customers, and suppliers that your business has successfully implemented effective sustainability initiatives.


Simply register on the RED Platform or download the app. You’ll immediately be able to purchase tokenized carbon credits or guarantees of origin and offset them on the blockchain to get your Sustainability Certificate.