A Supplier’s User Journey through the RED Platform

The energy market in the European Union began its decentralization process many years ago. Nevertheless, some countries are just reaching complete decentralization now. The energy suppliers in completely decentralized countries base their prices on offer and demand. Customers are free to change suppliers based on prices or other extra advantages offered. The liberalization of the energy sector was long-awaited and celebrated. This process opened many opportunities to reach an even further step: the democratization of the energy sector.

The Smart Energy Future

A crescent need for effective aligning of electricity demand and supply with more automation and digitization from all segments of the electricity value chain is imperative. This gives the power to provide high-comfort low-price services and serve political agendas towards more green energy consumption to achieve decarbonization. (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, The electricity market design for decentralized flexibility sources study from 2019)

Since energy usage plays such an important part in our daily lives, it has been of interest to many. The players involved in this industry have been working separately (producers, suppliers, consumers) and this separation has involved increased costs because of intermediaries in addition to low customer satisfaction and support. 

 play an important role inside the RED Platform, representing Suppliers will be able to reach new customers through trusted, validated partners: the RED Franchise Owners. Suppliers will manage their clients directly on the already built-in CRM system on the platform.

The possibility to create new supplying offers based on the market fluctuation and focus on different types of consumers will give suppliers the advantage of always being one step ahead and addressing changing market approaches within minutes. Once their offer is created and approved by RED, the franchise owners can select it and forward it to their contacts. The process is easy, intuitive and helps  by updating their offers according to the market’s needs.

The work chain is simple: . The franchise owners select these offers, personalize them based on features available in each type of offer and they make them available to their contacts, clients, and friends. When one of these contacts accepts an offer, he/she is directed towards the supplier to close a contract. The franchise owner receives a commission that was set beforehand by RED and will earn a monthly percentage from the consumption of the contact he/she brought to RED. The Supplier will maintain that client for the entire duration of the contract.

The RED Platform for Suppliers

If the operational part is simple and accessible for any user, the details about the advantages of the supplier role on the platform are even more attractive. From Restart Energy’s experience as a supplier, the developments on the RED Platform for the supplier role have been attentively customized for their specific needs: CRM system, billing, consumption information, and fees. Their integration gives suppliers options and growth opportunities.

 In general, this means that the supplying company will be able to prepare offers for the territory of a specific country (e.g. Restart Energy will have offers in Romania and Serbia).

Once the supplier creates a specific offer, . The suppliers’ offers will be specific to their business strategy. They can approach small or big consumers and they can have fixed or flexible prices for the franchise owners. The supplier who extends an offer will specify the details that can be edited by franchise owners in terms of price: whether it is negotiable or overprice is allowed.

 For example, Restart Energy’s customers will receive a proportional amount of GTK tokens based on the 57% green energy included in all customers’ supply offers, calculated for their consumption. The CO2 offset system on RED will allow each consumer to store or sell the tokens, encouraging green energy consumption and CO2 footprint reduction.

Consumers will have access from the V2 of the platform to buying energy directly from green energy producers. The energy will be supplied to the final consumer through the suppliers on the RED Platform. Through this sleeved PPA system, energy suppliers have access to a global customer and producer base and a new line of income.

For the supplier to be able to operate on the RED Platform, the company will have to stake an amount of MWAT depending on their number of clients, starting at .

For the Supplier Role on the RED Platform, access will be granted to all the basic functions once the application is approved. Nevertheless, there will be the possibility to access extra options through a set fee.

How Can a Supplier Join the RED Platform?

After you download the app (iOSAndroid) and you create an account, you can apply for a Supplier account on the platform by accessing the Supplier section on the left side.

You will be directed to this window:

After accessing Become a Supplier, you will be redirected to a new page where you will be able to fill in the necessary information:

  1. The personal empowerment details.

2. The company’s information.

3. Agree to terms and conditions and send the request.

After your request is approved, you will be able to see a section do add your offers:

The process is simple and the client management is easy to use for any type of user. You will have access to your clients’ documentation, invoices, and necessary information.

 Customers’ satisfaction will increase due to GTK rewards on the platform and will make them more likely to continue as your clients. From one supplier to another: what can be more valuable than a new opportunity to reach clients through trusted partners and encourage green energy production and consumption? We invite you to the future of energy!

Download the app and create your account:

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