Discord Launch Competition Winners

Discord Launch Competition Winners

Today is the big day to announce the winners of the competition organized for the launch of our Discord Channel. If you haven’t been up to date with the news, unfortunately, you have lost your chance to participate in this contest. But don’t worry, we will have more interesting things coming up such as: how-to tutorials, interviews, meet-ups, and maybe other contests, who knows, right?

Returning to the topic you are waiting for, in this article, we will reveal who the winners of the contest are, but not before reminding you of the rules that had to be followed to participate. For this purpose, we have made a pdf document, visible to all those interested in joining our Discord Group and participating in the competition. In this way, all the conditions were accessible and transparent to all members of our community.

The conditions for participating:

  1. Create a trader account, so that we can transfer the prize directly to your RED wallet;
  2. Calculate your carbon footprint using our free calculator on the platform;
  3. Share with us your newly calculated carbon footprint by posting a print screen with the result of the calculation on the Discord group;

Also, we thought about our members who can’t make an account at the moment because the conditions for American citizens are not ready yet and we have found a solution for them by creating some personalized rules.

Rules for USA/Canada:

  1. Create a user account on the RED Platform;
  2. Calculate your carbon footprint using our free calculator (you will have to choose another country from the list, as Canada and USA are not yet mentioned there);
  3. Share your result by posting a print screen on the Discord group.

Regarding the transparency of the competition, the winners could be followed in real-time from the beginning of the contest because their entry into the group and the posting of the image with the calculation of the carbon footprint were made public in the main chat on Discord.

The list of 10.000 MWAT winners:

We congratulate and thank you all for your involvement in this project!

Many of you could have been winners of this contest, but they did not send the carbon footprint calculation in time. We wish and hope that in a future contest you will be the winners in the largest possible number!

Also, we want to ask the winners to send us in private the necessary data (email address to be able to check your trader account or personal wallet if you are a US citizen), so that we can transfer the much-desired prize as soon as possible.

And don’t forget that our future is in our hands. Offset your emissions and claim your Green Certificate on landingpage.redplatform-dev.com