Green-tech for a truly sustainable impact. Befriend your environment.

Green-tech for a truly sustainable impact. Befriend your environment.

 Ever since the Industrial Revolution, humans have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, affecting the earth’s climate. Natural pursuits, like variations in the sun’s Energy and volcanic eruptions, also impact the earth’s temperature. Human actions, i.e greenhouse gas emissions, have significantly contributed to climate change. To resolve the issues in climate, we can use green-tech. Current innovations in the generation of green electricity, long-term waste solutions, and water-saving techniques can resolve this problem.

What is Green-tech?

Green technology is a form of technology that is considered to be environmentally beneficial due to its manufacturing process or supply chain. Self-sustaining green technology is concerned with the short- and long-term effects of various environmental activities.

Although the green-tech sector is still in its infancy, it has attracted substantial investor interest due to growing awareness about the effects of climate change and natural resource depletion.

Green technology for a sustainable future

Green technology provides hope that pollution and the impacts of climate change may be reversed. It is simpler to capture clean energy from the sun and water resources.

Following are the techniques that can be used to control climate change.

Sunlight Transport

Saving Energy is the most effective approach to reducing carbon emissions. A Swedish company ‘parans’ has developed a ‘Sunlight Transport’ technology. It is a passive technology that channels sunlight from an external source and transfers it over fiber optic cables to light up dark places. As a result, energy use during the day is nothing.

Green Architecture

Green buildings may dramatically reduce urban sources, making urban center growth more sustainable. The method enables buildings to be built self-sustaining, utilizing available natural light and being suitably insulated. Green architecture building approaches save Energy by minimizing the need for extra heating. Construction materials may also be obtained from landfills and municipal garbage, an added benefit.

Management of waste and recycling

Industries and people may embrace a zero-waste lifestyle by using contemporary technologies to separate recyclable garbage from non-recyclable waste. Unsorted garbage can be separated into two fractions: one for recycling and one for use as fuel.

As the nutrients in the trash break down and become biogas, the liquid becomes the principal product. Other sophisticated recycling technologies may be able to tackle the plastic waste problem.

Generate Energy from waste

Ocean energy, derived from currents, tides, and waves, is an ideal resource for long-term sustainability. The whole ocean energy along America’s continental shelf can service a sizable fraction of the population. Some firms are converting wave energy into desalinated and zero-emission Energy utilizing underwater buoys. The steel buoys can generate numerous kilowatts of power and adverse weather cannot affect them.

RED: The best solution for sustainable Projects

RED is the best solution if you want to contribute to saving the climate and creating your green-tech project. Join RED now to build a sustainable project.

Follow these steps to create your own project in RED:

  1. Click the Main Menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click on my projects and provide detailed information about the project.
  3. Your progress will be automatically stored so that you may return to it later. Fill it out in your desired order.
  4. Submit it for review. An expert Sustainability Validator will review the information and either approve it or contact you to provide more information.
  5. After validation, you will receive your tokenized carbon credits in your wallet, and you will be able to publish your carbon credit offers on the platform.

Projects that you can create on RED

Here is a list of projects you can create on the RED Platform:

  • projects with international carbon standards;
  • projects without carbon standards that can be validated under the RED Carbon Standard.

RED is your best solution if you want to participate in this change, so join us today!