How to become a trader

How to Become a Trader on the RED Platform

Because you are interested in the , and you have hope for making a common effort in transforming this world into a better place, you should take a step further: !

Once you have become a trader on the  you will be able to get an extraordinary experience of the platform’s features: , getting even more involved in RED’s Projects and .

So, it’s a giving and receiving opportunity! Making good deeds and getting benefits.

But first, let’s find out how easy it is . After few steps you’ll be able to complete the trader form application and become part of this future journey.

For accessing the trader form application, you need to click  on the  (Log in to RED Platform) or click the button on the left menu. Now, you have to get ready to upload  and complete .

Criteria for documents

You should upload  (that has at least three more months before the expiration date) and the name and address must coincide with the ones you completed in the form.

If the id document doesn’t have the address on it, you will receive a notification email and will have to send . It can be in the form of an .

The id document uploaded should have all the data visible, the photo must be clear. You also need to upload the front and back of the id document. Take into account that  to be accepted as a trader.

In the  field, you should upload that has the same name and address as the ones from the application form and that is not older than three months.

It’s very important to check the two fields  and , which means that you are a taxpayer and you pay taxes in your country.

Individual or company?

You have to select  and complete the essential information required if you apply as an individual or as a company. Take into consideration that if you represent  you must upload two additional documents:  and .

The last step is to  and .

After taking these quick steps, the BackOffice Team will review your trader application. Shortly, you will get notification about the status of your request. If we need extra information, we will inform you via email.

Then, if everything is alright we’ll be glad to let you know that