Launching the RED Carbon Standard

Launching the RED Carbon Standard

The Problem – Climate Change and CO2 Emissions

The need for a sustainable solution for one of the biggest problems humanity is facing, namely climate change is fast approaching. Becoming more environmentally conscious with concrete actions is now a must for individuals and companies alike.

For individuals, responding to the urges of climate change needs to translate into changes in habits. In the case of companies becoming greener is a more complex problem with far more implications than in the case of individuals, so the question is how can we help them navigate these challenges and reward those who make a positive impact?

It is our responsibility to take care of the Earth and all living creatures on it, to preserve nature, flora and fauna, and to act accordingly for mankind’s perpetuity as we were empowered to do so. It is definitely important to understand our role on Earth and to remember that life is a blessing and a gift from God that we received from the beginning of the Earth.

The RED solution 

Individuals can calculate their carbon footprint, offset it and are rewarded for their sustainable actions. 

Companies will find a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box solutions for calculating and offsetting their carbon footprint through franchises. 

The RED Platform offers project developers the opportunity to certify sustainable projects with the RED Carbon Standard and publish their carbon credits offer on the RED Platform marketplace.

RED Carbon Standard – a New Green Standard 

RED Carbon Standard stands for Restart Energy Democracy Carbon Standard. Read more about our vision and mission through the carbon certification solution brought by the RED Carbon Standard.

Our carbon standard aims at empowering people and giving value to their sustainable work helping to mitigate the impact of climate change. In a world where global players take the lead over national governments, and governments would like to centralize the power in their hands, we promote decentralization by being part of communities, people, and local project developers, and providing them with value capture in the form of tokenized carbon credits.  We also offer a blockchain platform to help sell these carbon units worldwide. 

Advantages of the RED Carbon Standard and Platform

The RED Carbon Standard and Platform are distinguished from other standards by a number of factors such as: 

  • faster and cheaper process of certification;
  • all processes are tested to offer an enhanced user experience;
  • everyone, individuals and companies, regardless of their country of origin can be rewarded with carbon credits for their green actions and projects;
  • franchises will guide users through the process if they need information at any time;
  • robust, transparent and safe Registry on the blockchain;
  • offering an easy-to-use platform, that can be accessed in the web version or by downloading the app on your smartphone;
  • blockchain is transparent, accessible and will hold information of all transactions public. 

RED Carbon Standard aims to combine technological advancements with highly specialized expertise in order to give value to green projects in all aspects (carbon, social, community benefits, SDGs). 

RED Carbon Standard Expert Team

Our carbon certification expert team consists of a group of experts from a range of fields such as renewable energy, carbon emissions, forestry and agriculture, finance and technology from different countries. Leading our team is the Head of Sustainability, Casiana Fometescu, the founder of Carbon Expert, which has a 12 years of experience in the carbon markets, both on the mandatory one and voluntary market, currently having GS projects under certification from various clients, including Romania, Germany, USA, etc. She has been part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) consultant, participating during her career in various meetings and working groups at international levels, such as  International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), Climate Markets & Investment Association (CMIA), Copa Cogeca European Agri Cooperatives, the European Commission, the Romanian Coalition for Circular Economy, and she is President of the Romanian Carbon Association. 

Alongside Casiana, we have Armand Domuța, the owner of Restart Energy One, executive manager of Restart Energy Democracy, Chairman of the Board for Restart Energy Innovative Technologies, as well as the Founder and President of the Romanian Blockchain Association. With an experience of more than 17 years in Strategic Business Planning, Energy Trading and Supply, EU Grants, Business Development, Project Management and Renewable Energy Development. 

We would also like to present to you Valentin Bârgău, the Head of Ventures and Investors Relations, Jozsef Szamosfalvi, the Head of Corporate Finance, and James Barlow, the Head of Agriculture Department with an experience of more than 40 years in the agricultural field, including no-till agriculture.

Rebeca Dragomir has been part of the RED team from the beginning of the project. She has experience of over 10 years in marketing and has participated in many areas of the RED project, supporting the community and developing the new features of the RED Platform. She is part of the Business Development team where she keeps in contact with the different areas of the project and supports the teams with insight and perspective over the next steps based on the company’s business growth vision.

Ariana Stevanovic is our Sustainability Expert, who has been a part of Restart Energy since 2020, working in the energy and gas supply department, helping customers, as well as teaching and training the new customer service members, and for the last 7 months has been learning the procedures and flows of the carbon markets and certification processes.

Restart Energy Democracy Platform

Restart Energy Democracy Platform is the first blockchain-based CO2 offset and sustainability system that allows any company or individual to completely neutralize their carbon footprint. It is one of a kind system, designed to revolutionize the way companies and individuals interact with energy and the CO2 offset system. Since its inception, RED has always been focused on innovation and sustainability, pioneering new paths for a greener planet. 

Projects Eligible for Certification

Project Types

The Projects registered under the RED Carbon Standard shall meet the International Panel for Climate Change emission categories, as follows:

  1. Energy (renewables, energy efficiency);
  2. Industrial Processes;
  3. Other Product Use;
  4. Agriculture;
  5. Forestry and Other Land Use;
  6. Waste;
  7. Others.

Project developers are encouraged to send their queries for certification with RED Carbon Standard to: [email protected] or via the Application.

Certification Period

The projects that can be certified under the RED Carbon Standard can be no older than 2 years. Carbon certificates will be issued retroactively for this period.

RED Carbon Standard Registry

All projects certified with our RED Carbon Standard will be listed in the RED Carbon Standard Registry. The basis for the construction of this registry is blockchain technology, to ensure the transparency and safety of the data, both for the project developers and the buyers. In this way, both parties will benefit from a problem-free experience.

The registry system will be based on NFT Smart Contracts on the Zalmoxis blockchain having full interoperability with the public Ethereum blockchain. All tokenized carbon credits transactions will have a unique and public tracking ID (TXID) without any downtime, fraud, control, or interference from a third party. Transactions via tracking ID (TXID) are verified and recorded, transparently showing all past transactions.

Through the RED Carbon Standard Registry, RED Platform is also pioneering the way for other blockchain and standard sustainability-related companies to have access to the carbon credits issued under the RED Standard. The carbon credits management system will allow access to and from other blockchains, as well as allow other platforms to sell carbon credits on their websites even without blockchain technology.

Having said that, we encourage green companies to join the RED Platform. By achieving our RED Carbon Standard for listed sustainable projects, project developers will benefit from tokenized carbon credits and more along the way.

We firmly believe that the solutions and opportunities created by our RED Carbon standard provide companies with a clear framework and complete set of tools for a green business model. This gives their management, shareholders and customers the necessary visibility to stir their company towards a green future.

Come with us to discover new pioneering paths for a greener Planet!

For integrity and to meet the principle of transparency that we believe in, the RED Carbon Standard will be available for consultations from local and international stakeholders, and for this reason, we have created a new environment to share ideas, receive comments and knowledgeable inputs for the new developments made through the RED Carbon Standard that can be found here.

Contact details:

Restart Energy Democracy Platform SRL 

Address: 300195, Timișoara, Doja Business Center, Strada Gheorghe Doja, Nr.11

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +40 755 10 75 83

Contact person: Rebeca Dragomir