New Features – More Advantages to Owning a RED Franchise

Today we bring you a new perspective on opening a new business on the RED Platform. 

This article brings you important updates related to the franchises and we will inform you or remind you about the functionalities and benefits you can get by becoming a RED partner in the energy and sustainability business.

Owning a RED Franchise just became easier!

Now, it is easier and faster than ever to become a RED Franchisee. If you already are a trader on the RED Platform, then you can go to the next level, choosing to play an important role and taking more action.

The 4 types of RED Franchises have been reduced to one type of franchise that can be acquired for the territory of a country at the price of 100,000 MWAT. In addition, RED Franchises will earn 25% of the platform fees registered under the clients they onboard.

After you become a franchisee, you will receive a unique ERC-721 token called V-LEC for 50% of the MWAT necessary for the franchise. The other 50% of the price in MWAT will remain staked in your RED wallet for a minimum period of 12 months.

Owning a RED Country Franchise means that you have a large range of setting your price strategy and business approach, with the support offered by RED. You will operate your business at a country level by listing sustainable projects, and onboarding companies for sustainability-related services and consultancy.

Multiple benefits for your RED Country Franchise!

You may wonder what you can do with a RED Franchise and what will you gain by becoming a franchise owner? 

  • You will offer consultancy and help individuals and companies to become 100% sustainable by selling them CO2 offset capacities. As a franchise owner, you can offer your customers carbon offset solutions, offset their CO2 footprint, and sell them sustainability certificates personalized with their corporate information, recorded on our Zalmoxis blockchain.
  • You will have the option to negotiate the price for each certificate of sustainability that you issue in the name of your clients, invoice them and your profit will be part of the price you ask for the green certificate.
  • You can earn a passive income by onboarding energy and gas consumers and bringing in leads from clean energy companies on our platform.
  • You can develop sustainable projects on the blockchain having the support of the RED Platform.

Two types of projects can be added to our platform:

  1. Sustainable Projects with an already existing carbon standard. RED Platform will earn 10% for each token sold on the platform meanwhile, the franchisee can earn 25% of that fee if the project was brought in by that franchise owner.
  2. Sustainable Projects without an international certification can apply to our RED Standard. Franchises will earn 25% of the selling fees for that project.
  • As soon as it will be implemented, you will have access to the corporate carbon footprint calculator as a free tool and intermediate these calculations between companies and our Sustainability Expert that will validate the project.

Many more features for sustainable actions and opportunities are under research at the moment for franchises. The franchises’ business development opportunities are one of the main growth segments for RED, so you will have important periodical updates for new income streams for your business. For example, you will be able to prepare validation schemes for your clients’ sustainable projects or companies for marketing or carbon reduction actions, as well as create sustainable projects with personalized NFT tokens

The RED Country Franchise on the Platform

  • A public page on our platform where you can customize your products and services
  • Update your Franchise Details
  • Generate Sustainability certificates
  • Create franchise offers based on supplier offers
  • Share your new franchise on social media
  • Presence on the RED Franchise Marketplace from where users can access your services.

The changes presented in this article will come into effect by mid-March. Should you have questions or suggestions, please let us know by email at [email protected] and we will help you in this process.

Summarizing these ideas, if you are interested in the business field of renewable energy and sustainability and you want to earn income from your work, also help others to achieve results from their sustainability plans, become a registered RED Country Franchise on our blockchain Zalmoxis!

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