Terms & Policies

General Provisions and Definitions RED aims to be transparent with the fees and commissions 

( Valid from June 20th 2021 )

1. Franchise:

1.1    V-LEC Franchise Cost:

Type Cost MWAT Staking rights
Country 100.000 50.000

Note: RED collects 50% of the value and 50% is returned to the user through staking rights.

1.2    Commissions received by the collaborating franchise from energy suppliers:

These variable commissions are offered by the suppliers at their discretion and are customized separately for each energy or gas promotion offered by the supplier:

    • MWAT bonus
    • Lead Commission
    • Activation commission with services
    • Activation fee without services
    • Consumption commission

2. Validators:

2.1    RED charges 20% of the validation cost in MWAT. Applies to GTK and REO-G

2.2    Validators set their own desired commissions for the validation jobs. Due to the competitive mechanism between validators,  based on the size of this fee, validators will receive less or more validation jobs from the claimers that agree with the estimated cost.

3. Suppliers:

3.1    The RED platform retains its own commission where it acts as an intermediary between Suppliers and Franchisees

    • The value is set by RED Business
    • It applies to the calculation of the following types of commission:
      • Lead Commissions:   0.5 Ron
      • Activation commission with services: 10 Ron
      • Activation fee without services: 10 Ron
      • Consumption commission: 1 Ron / Mwh

*Fees, charges and prices charged to consumers will be made available for each country by the Suppliers registered in the RED platform of that country and will be communicated directly to consumers as part of the registration and contracting process with consumers.

4. Energy producers:

4.1    Claim REO-G – When an energy producer makes a request to receive  REO-G based on its output it will pay an amount in MWAT to the Validators, regardless of the request analysis results. This cost is dynamically calculated by the platform based on Validators demand and offer, such as the cost of a validation to be as minimal as possible.

5. Withdrawal fees:

5.1   For wallets and transactions brokered by CCPro, the fee charged by this broker shall apply

5.2   For wallets managed by RED, the withdrawal fee is equal (100%) to that required by the network for the transaction, this cost is not controlled by RED.
We calculate the gas price from that moment in ETH, convert the tax into MWAT at the CMC rate  (CoinMarketCap), add the RED commission and withdraw.

For example, if at some point upon withdrawal of MWAT the cost of the network (ETH gas price) would be 123 MWAT, the RED commission is also 123, the final cost of the transaction being 246 MWAT.

5.3   There are no fees for internal transfer between users’ wallets within the RED platform

6. Sustainability certificates:

6.1   Individuals: free of charge

6.2   Business accounts:
         1 MWAT / Kg CO2 avoided

7. Tokenized Carbon Credits

RED Platform charges a 10% fee on the purchase of tokenized Carbon Credits.

8. RED Standard

RED Standard Scheduled Fees can be reviewed here.


RED reserves the right to change the fees and commissions charged without prior notice depending on market conditions, therefore please consult this list before making a purchase decision to be up to date with the latest news.