GTK Validation SCHEME

Terms & Policies


When validating GTK the focus is on calculating the quantity of GTK a user can claim based on the calculator on [link to calculator] and make sure that all the information introduced by the user corresponds to the invoice.

Validators cannot see the personal information of the users, only the information about the consumption.

Users can only request GTK tokens based on the invoices with their own name. The OCR module on the platform will make sure that the personal information on the invoice matches the personal information from the RED account. Users who upload invoices with different numbers than their own, will not be able to go forward with the claim process.




GTK Claim Scheme 


1.    You will receive an alert that there is a job available for you to validate. Clicking the alert will take you to the correct page. Otherwise, it can be found on the ‘Validator’ Tab. You will have one minute to accept the job. Please ensure that you are in a position to immediately validate the Claim after accepting it, as you will have 1 hour to complete it.

2.    You will find the claim in the Validation Jobs section of your Validator page. You have 1 hour to successfully validate the Claim. If the time expires before you finish validating it then the Claim will move onto the next Validator, and you will not be paid.

3.    Click ‘Validate’.

4.    Open all supplied documents. There should be one invoice but other documents may also have been included upon request from a previous Validator who allowed the Claim to expire.

5.    Verify the number of GTK tokens to issue by:

  • Finding the Claimant’s electricity consumption in kWh from the invoice.

6.    If you need more information to validate this claim, click the ‘More Information’ button and input what you need.

  • If you ask for more information, you will get an alert when the Claimant has updated the Claim. Again, you will have 1 hour to complete the claim before the updated claim is sent to another Validator.
  • If there is a small inputting error making the data inaccurate (such as the wrong date) you can ask them to amend it by writing the issue in the ‘Request for Information’ box.
  • You will need to check all the previously verified categories again because any data can be updated in a Request for Information.

7.    Once you have verified the accuracy of all data click either the ‘Validate’ or ‘Decline’ buttons to verify the claim.

8.    Number of necessary validators based on claimed quantity:

GTKNr. of Validations
1 – 1,000       1
1,000 – 10,000       2
10,000 – 100,000       3
100,000 – 1,000,000       5
1,000,000 – 10,000,000       7