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When claiming REO-G, the production quantity data must be identical to the one you introduced for your powerplant.


Renewable Energy Producers


REO-G Validation Scheme 


1.    Ensure that you have staked enough MWAT to be able to hold the quantity of REO-G you are claiming: you need to stake 1 MWAT for each REO-G you are claiming.

  • You can stake MWAT before the initiation of the claim. In which case, you will need to access the ‘My Wallet’ section on the left menu, press ‘Stake your MWAT’, and select the stake quantity in the process.
  • You can stake MWAT after you finish the claim process, as you will be redirected to the staking option if you do not have enough funds in stake.

2.    After your power plant is approved by RED operators, you will see the option ‘Claim REO-G’ in the ‘My Powerplants’ section. Click on it and a new window will open.

3.    Enter the period for which you are claiming REO-G. The maximum can be 12 months before the day you are registering the claim. You can only claim tokens once for each period. Make sure you upload all the necessary documents and necessary data so that the claim is not declined.

4.    Enter the amount of REO-G claimed for that specific period: 1 REO-G for each 1 MWh of renewable energy produced. REO-G can only be issued by whole quantities, as it is an ERC-721 NFT token. Make sure that you do not insert any decimals.

5.    Claims of REO-G that have decimals are always rounded down: For example, if a producer has registered a production of 0.9 MW for August and he is claiming 1 REO-G, the REO-G cannot be approved. If the total claim is 57.75 REO-G, 57 REO-G can be issued. For 1,900.57 MW produced can claim 1,900 REO-G.

6.    Calculate the estimated fee for the validators of your geographical area. By calculating the fee you will know how much you will have to pay for the specific claim that you are issuing.

7.    Insert the value for the Maximum fee for this claim (MWAT): the maximum amount of MWAT you are willing to pay for the claim. If there is more than one validator in your geographic area, the system will automatically choose the cheapest fee, but it will also adjust to your specifications.

8.    Upload the documents that prove the production of renewable energy for that period.

9.    You cannot request REO-G tokens for the period for which you have already received Guarantees of Origin from the national institution responsible for issuing them in your country. If you haven’t received a Guarantee of Origin certificate for the period inserted in the claim, you need to upload this signed statement where you specify that there were no Guarantee of Origin certificates issued for your renewable energy production during the same period that you are requesting REO-G for.

10.    Press ”Claim REO-G”.

11.    Once your claim has been issued, a validator that has validating rights in your geographic location and that matches your MWAT fee will be approached to validate your claim.

12.    After the claim is sent, there are 3 possible scenarios:

  • If everything is clear and according to the requirements, the validator will validate your claim.
  • If more information or documents are needed for your claim to be processed, the validator will ask you to offer more information.
  • If the claim does not have real green energy production proof, the claim will be rejected. You can only claim REO-G once for the same period.

13.    You will be notified of the status of your claim.

14.    Please be aware that after you receive your REO-G they have a maximum period of validity of 12 months. Each year, all REO-G issued will be burned on January 31st at 23:59, independently of the moment you requested the REO-G. You should make sure you use your REO-G before that time.