2022 RED Project Update – weeks 13-14

The second quarter of this year has already started and we are preparing to change the status of the RED Platform to alert activity as we dive deeper into collaborations, development and contribution to the sustainability area. The reports will be more concise and related to practical aspects and the communication on Social Media will become more present as we will start to promote our activity and partnerships.

Let’s see what we’ve done in the last 14 days since the previous report.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

The Carbon Footprint Calculator is launched, as you’ve seen in the post from last week, and now franchises can use it on the RED Platform. Carbon footprint calculations are part of the services franchises can offer to their clients using the tools on the RED App.

Integration of External Sustainable Projects with RED Platform 

More partnerships are being developed and the customer base is extending by including new companies and organizations already certified by existing standards. More details will be announced in separate posts regarding this activity.

RED Standard

The RED Certification Standard is 75% ready and soon it will be available for users to certify the first projects. The main objective is to deliver affordable tools for sustainable European projects for a better approach to our customers. More local projects for local offsetters and easier access to carbon credits for more sustainable project developers.

Our new directions for developing calculus schemes for sustainable projects in the following months will be related to:

  • renewable energy
  • recycling area
  • reforestation
  • agriculture

Franchising Terms of Business

Procedures, tutorials and training materials are planned to be developed to help our present and future partners to become as quick as possible good promoters of the RED Platform. Also, making some assessments from guidelines indicated by us before buying the Franchise could determine if someone is fit for this activity or not.

More related to franchise activity will be revealed in our Discord channel that will start soon and topics will be more specific for our purposes: business-related, general chat, tutorials, support, sustainability, etc.


The marketing team is continuing to grow its team members. We will present them in the following updates to make it easier for you to understand their role and how they could help our project and our partners – sustainable projects, offsetting customers and franchisees.

As we are finishing the most relevant tasks for us to start our activity for businesses, negotiations with carbon trading certificates exchanges have already started. This will increase our exposure, allow the onboarding of new and interesting projects and will strengthen our position in this industry.


Also, the revamping of the website is advancing and we’d like to complete this task in the next months. The result should be a smoother experience with our features and even a better graphic experience, together with more focused client-acquisition funnels and special offsetting features.

Payments Integration

The sustainable projects on the RED Platform required a special upgrade on our system to include an easier FIAT payment gateway which will help users to easier access the carbon credits and the projects. This new feature is being tested by our team and will be delivered this month to the live app.

As we told you, April is the first month of the most crowded quarter of the year in terms of tasks to complete, announcements to make and business to grow. We can’t wait for the next update to see how we ended this first part and what’s left to be done for the next ones.

The status after 14 weeks of 2022

The next update will be on Monday, 25th of April.

For any questions, please fill the form with suggestions here.

We will also answer twice a month or weekly if there are many things to discuss.

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