RePowerEU and the benefits for RED Platform users

RePowerEU and the benefits for RED Platform users 

Following the latest events and the escalating conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the European Council has concluded on the necessity to phase out Europe’s dependency on Russian energy imports. Consequently, on the 18th of May, the European Commission followed up on the matter and emitted the RePowerEU plan. 

In this article, you will find a short overview of the communication, including the updates made on the Fit for 55 package and new outcomes the Commission expects by 2030. 

The RePowerEU plan targets changing the current energy situation at the European level. It contains solutions for a rapid reduction of Russian fossil fuel consumption in Europe. Although there will be pressure on the economy at the beginning of the process, the Commission estimates a consistent decrease in energy prices once renewables are widely used.

A beneficial upturn in the use of renewables

The European Commission vouches for an increase in the usage of solar, wind, and water power, sustainable biomethane, and renewable hydrogen. One that is even more significant than previously planned in the Fit for 55 for 2030. An accelerated energy transition will be possible if the right actions are taken:

  • Updating the Fit by 55 package;
  • Ensuring energy security of supply and storage;
  • Energy savings;
  • The diversification of supplies;
  • Substituting fossil fuels;
  • More attention to investments and reforms.

RePowerEU states the importance of joining forces to achieve the proposed goals. The European Green Deal comes into the equation as the individual action of each member state should contribute to Europe’s climate neutrality. We, the citizens, also have a vital role in the change as well. Playing my part is a nine-point plan made in collaboration with the International Energy Agency and holds key energy-reducing solutions for everyday life.

A good measure that the Commission proposes is applying a low VAT rate for high-efficiency heating systems, insulation in buildings, and other products that affect energy pricing. Cities must actively go for energy-saving methods and efficiently launch awareness and educational campaigns to keep the citizens engaged. One of the main interests is to support the vulnerable households that will struggle to pay their energy bills during the transition.

Lower electricity prices through the use of renewable energy

Another proposal made by the EU Commission is to increase the Renewable Energy Directive from 40% to 45% by 2030. Renewable energy generation capacities would come to a total of 1236 GW instead of just 1067, as written in the Fit for 55 package. Solar photovoltaics remains one of the most efficient options. Strengthening the supply chain comes with developing solutions for life cycle sustainability. The EU Solar Strategy together with the European Solar Rooftop Initiative (which regulates the construction of solar panels) is going to optimize the processes of producing, selling, and building solar panels for individual households or companies. Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission has announced a mandate for rooftop solar installations on the public and commercial buildings by 2027, and residential buildings by 2029. This means that photovoltaics will become mandatory sooner than predicted. 

“Today the European Commission recognises the immense potential of rooftop solar – as well as the need for a solar workforce to roll out both rooftop and utility solar across Europe”, said the policy director at SolarPower Europe, as written by PV Magazine.

Restart Energy offers the necessary services to help our clients transfer to renewable energy sources. Restart Solar is the offer we provide for businesses and individuals who wish to benefit from the power of photovoltaics. The service includes installation and the support of a specialist.  

RED’s take on supporting the transition to clean energy

We decided that more needs to be done. Restart Energy Democracy is the platform created to promote green practices and build community. Here we developed a Corporate Calculator that will calculate your carbon footprint. With the help of RED franchises who activate on the platform, you can buy a Carbon certificate that states the CO2
that you choose to neutralise from the atmosphere. These certificates are listed on Blockchain and carry the name of the individual or company that executed the process. 

RED has an integrated blockchain system, Zalmoxis, which makes the transaction of cryptocurrencies possible. Green tokens such as REO-G are given to the producers of green energy according to the levels of energy production. MWAT is a token that is received by users who upload proof of their energy consumption. These tokens can, later on, be converted to other cryptos available on the platform via the RED Exchange. You can explore the other functionalities and find which goes best with your ideas of helping the environment.

Be more informed 

As a round-up of strategies announced by the EU commission we have:

  • The EU Solar Strategy;
  • The Solar Rooftop Initiative;
  • A plan to double the rate of deployment of heat pumps;
  • Strategy on tackling slow and complex permitting for major renewable practices;
  • Targeting 10 million tons of domestic renewable hydrogen produced and imported;
  • A biomethane action plan.

Take action 

Restart Energy Democracy is now one of the most efficient outlets for supporting the EU’s initiative of energy independence. You are invited to join the platform and use the functionalities we put at your disposal: from finding offers with 100% renewable energy directly from suppliers, to becoming a RED franchisee.

You can apply to be a trader today, for free, or tell a friend who might be interested to join. Big changes start small and grow with the support of individuals. Follow the link down below for more information.

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