What You Need to Know about the RED Platform Right Now

CO2 Offset and Sustainability

The RED Platform is built to be the central point of encounter for users inside and outside the energy sector, especially in the green energy field. The focus of the members inside the platform may be different for each one of them, but the string that holds everything together is the interest and participation in the first CO2 tokenized offset system.

Green Energy Producers

While focusing on developing more solar and wind parks, as well as other renewable energy sources is for sure one of the ways to reduce CO2 emissions, building them is not cheap, nor easy. Needed investments in this area are still high and the sector is not growing in all countries at its full potential.

RED Franchises

RED is offering a new type of opportunity for any user on the platform to open a new side business or a new source of income through green energy and sustainable offers:

Suppliers on RED

If you are a supplier, green energy supply can become a more affordable option for your clients through the opportunity of acquiring it directly from producers in the RED Platform. The elimination of intermediaries in the supply chain will bring tariffs at a fair level for producers, suppliers, and consumers.

Users and Energy and Gas Consumers

Why would consumers choose RED? The answer is quite simple: because they will find better options, new possibilities, and unique systems that will make a difference in their lives. From calculating their carbon footprint, offsetting it, and fulfilling their sustainable and socially responsible actions.

The Tokens Used on the RED Platform

All functionalities on the RED Platform will depend upon owning MWAT. The platform will also have its own exchange. All the tokens available in the RED Exchange will be paired with MWAT and exchange fees will be zero. The possibility of acquiring MWAT with Fiat, BTC, or ETH will bring the token closer to the users.

Why Join the RED Platform?

The RED Platform is an easy-to-access, comprehensive and strong system for reducing CO2 emissions and giving users the possibility to open their own business. Why do you need to become a partner?

  • Stay on top of your game with top solutions: modern, top-technology solutions through blockchain.
  • Influence, make your voice heard: you will create new opportunities for your contacts, friends, and clients and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.
  • Offer complete solutions, clear and to the point: closed, visible, transparent, and untampered synergic system that shows you clear numbers and solutions that you will be able to follow from beginning to end.
  • Fast delivery of solutions: secure system with low fees and access to multiple extra options that will bring value to your clients. From reducing CO2 to consuming more green energy in a few steps.

Become a partner. Raise awareness. Offer solutions.

Begin by opening an account on the RED Platform.

Chat with us on our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/QzpGgeuyv2