August project update

2022 RED Project Update – weeks 31-34

Developments Achieved

Mobile Apps Launch

Until last month only the iOS app was available for download in the App Store, but beginning with this month both apps on iOS and Android are available and up-to-date with the latest releases and features. Now you can access the RED Platform easier and faster. Read more here.

RED Standard

The launch of the RED Standard took place on the 11th of August, and at the moment is open for public consultation until August 31st. You can send us your opinion, addition, or correction ideas to be analyzed. Read more about the RED Carbon Standard and its impact on the RED Business Development Strategy here or in the launching article.

Sustainable Projects

The first 5 sustainable projects on the RED Platform have been published this past week. This opens the possibility for franchises to offer full services to their clients, but also for users to simply access projects to offset their carbon footprint.

If you have not seen yet the projects, you can have a general view directly from our webpage. Or login on the RED Platform for more detailed information.

Advantages go both ways for project developers and RED Franchises when they bring sustainable projects to the RED Platform:

  • Project developers access a new system where they receive tokenized carbon credits that they can sell to RED Platform Customers, benefitting from multiplying their access to clients;
  • Franchises that publish sustainable projects on the RED Platform receive 25% of the RED Selling Fees;
  • Users can purchase carbon credits and offset them directly on the platform and receive an NFT Sustainability Certificate, or even without an account (coming soon).

In development, pending being released

Preparing for the first projects to onboard RED Carbon Standard

As we were mentioning before, the RED Carbon Standard is available now and we will begin to analyze different projects that have begun to apply for it. There are two projects we are focusing on at the moment and we will be able to reveal more details soon.

Public sustainability project marketplace and carbon certificates purchase

All the sustainable projects published on the RED Platform will also be fully public to users without the need to create an account. Carbon credits will be also available for purchase directly from the webpage. This feature will allow access to more potential clients to the sustainable projects published but will still maintain the staking and MWAT purchase process.

RED Solar NFT Project

The RED Solar NFT Project will bring a great number of opportunities for solar project developers, and users interested in purchasing renewable energy at lower prices even if they cannot install solar panels. More information will be provided as the project progresses and will be launched.

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